1) Why do you do this?
- To be honest I don't care a bit about others, I just want to watch the best anime with the best subs and video quality.

2) What do you do in this blog?
- We release BD's, DVD's and (when and if we get more members we will start doing TV series with our own translated subs.).

3) How do you choose on what subs to use for your release?
- It's simple. We look for the best subs out there (we don't use any bad subs for our BDs). Sometimes we do our own subs.

4) Do you edit the subs when you release your BDs?
- Yes, we do. We edit the script so that we can get the best out of it.

5) Do you translate anything?
- Yes, we do.

6) I have heard "this and that" about you, should I download your content?
- As I said earlier, I do this 'cause I want to watch anime with the best subs and video quality, so rest assured, but if you do find some errors with our releases just inform me and I will create a v2 (version 2).

7) Why you are so late to release your stuff?
 - That may change with the addition of new staff recently!.

8) Will you do "X" series?
- You can make your request on the comment section, but it will be entirely up to me, should I pick it up or not.

9) I want to join you, how should I do that?
- You are more then welcome, you just have to inform me. You can either comment it in the comment section or you can just comment it in the chat box or join our IRC channel for that matter.

10) I want to help you, how should I do that?
- Just seed our torrents.

11.) What formats do you release in?
720p - x264 10bit and AAC 320kbps audio
1080p - x264 10bit and FLAC audio

[Note: Once I've released a batch version, single releases won't be seeded anymore]

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